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Price and label printing module

Set Retail tracks price changes and start of new promo, creates print jobs for responsible employees, and even selects the right price tag template and printer for printing
Price and label printing module

Always up-to-date prices with a minimum of costs

  1. Price tags template editor
    Centralized templates management for entire retail chain. Creation and editing of unique templates.
  2. Right price tags on time
    System reminds to employees about unprinted price tags and selects the correct template. All that remains is to press the button.
  3. Discount and promotional price tags
    System offers to print price tags in case of changing discounts, new promo, and at the end of promo to print regular ones
  4. Module for unmanned and automated printing
    System is able to print automatically new price tags sorted by departments without human decision to press button to guarantee same prices for price tags, POS and scales
  5. Electronic shelf labels and prices for Digital Signage
    The system is integrated with popular models of electronic shelf labels and digital signage