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Verny Saves on Receipts and Prints Them 4 Times Faster

The Verny retail chain has accelerated cash operations, including the receipt printing process, up to 4 times, and increased the throughput of its stores. By reducing the number of failures at the checkout by 2 times, the retailer has decreased the maintenance costs. By shortening the length of receipts, it began to save on the receipt tape. All these have been achieved thanks to implementation of the new Set Retail 10 front-office system.

Verny Saves on Receipts and Prints Them 4 Times Faster


Verny had used a cash register program of its own design. It was difficult to update and improve, both in response to the new business and legislative requirements. The program had not always operated in a smooth and quick manner, which had been crucial for the large chain retailer.

The retailer needed a customized solution for trade and business processes automation:

  • with all necessary features embodying other market leaders’ best practices;

  • with the tools to speed up cash transactions, improve processes efficiency, and save costs;

  • flexible and easily adaptable to the legislative changes.

800 stores, 2,800 cash registers in 9 regions of Russia


  • Revenue growth
    Thanks to Set Retail, the receipt advertising and analytics are displayed on large monitors for the customers at checkouts. The customers pay more attention to the current offers, which helps the stores increase revenue and average receipt.
  • Two times less maintenance costs
    Set Retail operates smoothly: following the replication, the technical support receives twice less cash receipt failure queries. Also, the number of “hot” restarts of cash registers has been reduced at least twice.
  • Receipt tape costs saving
    Verny has enabled the compact receipt option in Set Retail 10, and now saves on the receipt tape. All receipts have become 5 cm shorter. Moreover, when selling alcohol, the cash register combines the USAIS QR code and that of the receipt, making it another 10 cm shorter.
  • New income sources
    Thanks to Set Retail flexibility, it is now possible to independently integrate the necessary processes and systems. Thus, the retailer has successfully integrated an external loyalty system with Set Retail, and also launched the sale of Stoloto lottery tickets.
  • Speeding up cash transactions, printing receipts up to 4 times faster
    Verny has accelerated the checkout transactions, including receipt printing, up to 4 times. With the previous cash program, it took 5-10 seconds to print a 10-position receipt; now, with Set Retail 10, it takes 2.5–4 seconds. The queues have been significantly reduced in the high-traffic stores.

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