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Modern checkout line

Speed up the retail checkout process, improve customer experience

Modern checkout line
Modern checkout line

We help speed up the checkout process, consider the checkout counter ergonomics and free up the maximum of selling space. We add a wow effect to the store and improve customer experience.

Modern checkout counter with touch POS

Box POS systems

Such cash registers are more often used in supermarkets and hypermarkets with high traffic. They are easy to maintain and facilitate the equipment repair and upgrade due to modularity.

All-in-One touch POS

Touch cash registers are used in the industries where the customer service speed and workplace compactness, beauty and aesthetics are important — usually restaurants, clothes, shoes and jewelry stores.

Set Touch will help to involve customers in the loyalty program and satisfy them. To do this, a second screen is connected to the device. The display directed to the buyer opens up new opportunities for communication.

Self-checkout systems

Self-service systems in the store may include large self-service cash desks with tape and optical sensors, separate payment stations, terminals for self-scanning. Such systems help to reduce the workload on staff, speed up maintenance and reduce queues.