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Self-checkout systems

Serve customers faster and easier

Self-checkout systems
Self-checkout systems

Lower personnel costs

Only one assistant for 6 cash registers

Fewer queues for customers

Express checkout for customers with baskets

Higher throughput

Six cash registers instead of the usual two

Individual approach for large stores

For large stores with complex customer logistics, a non-linear working schedule and large checkout counters, we take into account all specifics, - location of the store, availability of transport hubs and parking nearby. We also calculate the total load on the checkout counter at various hours and the specifics of the purchases made.

  1. Analytics

    We explore the existing service process and develop the optimal solution. We select a store for a pilot project and simulate introduction of a self-service system into operating activities. We calculate all benefits and create a plan for solution implementation in the retail chain.

  2. Development

    We develop software and hardware integration and technical elements: from hardware placement plan to power supply and other details.

  3. Self-checkout launch

    Store launch: installation and configuration of equipment, training of staff to work with new processes, support of staff in the first days of work.

  4. Support and optimization

    At the beginning, we daily monitor activities in the store, collect the employees’ feedbacks and the information about receipts and customer behavior. Based on the control information, we prepare recommendations to achieve the planned objectives, all expertise is transferred to the client's team.

  5. Solution replication

    At this stage, the objective is to turn a one-time success into a permanent one and reach stable KPIs. We monitor the implementation results and, if necessary, adjust the store's processes again. After achieving stable KPIs, we plan a replication of the solution to other stores in the retail chain.

For small stores

For stores with 3-6 cash registers with a predictable flow and customer profile, we have prepared layouts with a verified number of self-service points. Launching self-service with minimal costs.

  1. Ready-made layouts

    For small stores, we have developed ready-made layouts, indicating the location of 2 to 6 self-checkout cash desks

  2. Setup Instructions

    Ready-made instructions for setup and integration with Set Retail software

  3. Functionality check list

    Checklist for quick control after installation of hardware and software configuration

  4. A set of stickers on the cashier's case

    We provide stickers on the case of the cash register and recommendations for installation, description of the approach to the design of the self-service area

  5. Instructions for the assistant

    A ready-made user's guide for an assistant on a self-service area

A well-operating solution that can be replicated to other stores in the retail chain
Effective achievement of business goals without unnecessary labor costs, which gives a quick payback of the project

Enhanced customer experience

Set SCO is a simple and intuitive software guiding a person through the purchase process and instructing at every step. At the same time, Set SCO not only “communicates” with customers, but also monitors the relevance of prices and manages all devices at the self-service checkout.