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Set Prisma

Checkout control software. Set Prisma helps to identify and prevent losses and violations at the checkout.
Set Prisma

Key Benefits of Set Prisma

One-Stop Working Principle
You can work with several stores at the same time. Violations are detected and fixed directly in the system. Report generation by pressing just one button. The system has a 50+ violations classifier for operators to classify.
Ready Templates and Flexible Filters
The system is easy to start working with — there are ready-to-use templates to search for violations. Filters with advanced options will help you cut off unnecessary events. Incidents are sorted by type, and the potential amount of damage is displayed — so that we can focus on "expensive" incidents.
Own Rules Constructor
For professionals, a special constructor of violation detection algorithms is available to create any combination of incidents.

We provide everything you need for fast and accurate search for violations — 1 analyst for 25 stores with 2-4 cash registers each

Set Prisma is a solution for monitoring incidents at the checkout

Set Prisma receives data from the cash register system and the video surveillance system. The operator processes the synchronized information in a single interface.

The operator works in a single interface with synchronized information
  1. Synchronization of incidents with the video stream
    The system takes data from the cash register system. It synchronizes all incidents from the system with the video stream.
  2. Search for violations
    The operator uses filters and search templates in the interface to find the checkout incidents on the timeline and can view the video fragment of interest.
  3. Reporting
    Seeing a violation, the operator can record it, and then generate a report on all detected violations directly from the system.

Examples of violations leading to direct and indirect losses

  • Theft and deception of customers
    Cashier cancels the last item in the receipt or cancels the receipt with further withdrawal of funds, takes the goods past the cash register, rings up goods with intentionally low weight, or uses own card instead of the buyer’s.
  • Mistakes and inattention
    Cashier confuses products, makes a mistake in the amount of goods entered, skips a low weight product, deletes a product from the receipt, but does not withdraw it from the buyer, which is why the product is lost.
  • Disciplinary violation
    The staff do not observe the opening and closing hours of the store, use the phone when serving the customers, often leave the checkout area for a long time, do not observe order at their workplace, which leads to loss of customers’ loyalty.

Buyer left without waiting for the receipt to be printed out, cashier cancels the entire purchase and puts the money into his pocket.


Watching the receipt cancellations when payments were made in cash.


Working with several stores at a time

Access by roles

Differentiate access by different user roles. A specialist will only see the stores located in the area of his/her responsibility, a store manager will see his/her store, a regional director will see the stores in his/her region, and the senior management will see the stores throughout the chain.

Filter by stores

Specialist directly picks one or more stores to analyze incidents without wasting time and focus.

Detecting and recording violations directly in the system

One-stop working principle

You can highlight the important matters on the incident screenshots — the graphic editor is integrated into the interface. You don't need to take screenshots, open Paint or any other editor — you can do it all in the solution interface. You can leave an explanatory comment about a violation which will be automatically transferred to the report.

Wider opportunities for violations recording

You can record several violations at once for one and the same incident.

Generation of ready-made reports directly from the system


The report displays all summary data by violation types and the amount of damage by cashiers.

An evidence basis provided

There are date and type of incident, receipt number, amount of damage, cashier’s full name, operator’s comment on the violation, incident frame from the checkout with a fragment outlined in the interface.

Filtration during report generation

By type of violation, by store — one or several, by analyst, or by time period. You can download and save the report in pdf format.