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Control of checkout operations in Belarusian Korona retail chain

Over 10 years, no retail outlet of the Korona chain has paid for shortage, and violations at the checkout have become twice less frequent.

Control of checkout operations in Belarusian Korona retail chain


The Korona retail chain regularly faced losses at the checkout because of the cashiers’ violations and mistakes. The retailer tried to solve this problem by using specialized software, but encountered difficulties: the program required a lot of manual work, the specialists had to enter the search queries every time with no capability to save them, it was inconvenient to use search filters.

Korona needed a new solution for controlling the checkout transactions in line with the retailer's requirements not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of usability.

15 shopping centers and 24 supermarkets in 8 cities and localities in Belarus. Different store formats: FMCG, boutiques, equipment stores, cafes, children's centers


  • 2 times less violations
    Set Prisma helps detect violations at all stages of working with goods, starting with acceptance. The checkout violations in the Korona retail chain became twice less frequent. Previously, the share of cashier errors in the total number of violations ranged within 70–90 %. Now, it’s 30–60 %. The major portion of the violations identified by Set Prisma is the mistakes made by the selling staff, for example, incorrectly weighted goods or re-sorting.
  • Not a single shortage for 10 years of work
    Today, Set Prisma is implemented in the Korona shopping centers and convenience stores. Over 10 years of the solution operation, no retail outlet of the chain has paid for shortage. This means that all mistakes and violations were recorded, analyzed, and their consequences were promptly eliminated.
  • Checkout discipline improvement
    The cashiers’ qualification has improved: they analyze every violation recorded by Set Prisma with the cash transactions control specialists. This position has been introduced in each branch: Set Prisma requires competent approach and the ability to customize the solution in accordance with the needs and type of a particular retail outlet. Due to implementation of the solution and work of the designated specialists, the cashiers now make fewer mistakes and have become more disciplined. The mistakes related to goods re-sorting have minimized.
  • Set Prisma is the industry standard in Belarus
    Set Prisma system has become the industry standard for controlling checkout transactions in the Republic of Belarus: following the Korona retail chain, the solution was also implemented by the rest of the country's largest retailers – HIPPO, Dionysus, Nika, Green, etc.

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