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Globus Launches New Tools for Business

Within a year Globus retail chain replaced the front-office system in its Russian stores controlling 1,605 cash registers of three different types, and also integrated several new software and hardware solutions to automate other processes.

Globus Launches New Tools for Business


The history of Globus began in Germany. This largely explains the retailer’s European approach to the way of doing business: its desire to use the advanced store automation technologies for the customer convenience. This retail chain was one of the first in Russia to introduce a self-service system and a self-shopping solution Scan &Go.

8 Russian regions
17 hypermarkets
Cash registers
Cash register types
All types: box POS systems, touch and self-service


The Globus retail chain in Russia had used a foreign checkout system satisfying the retailer in terms of speed and work quality. For many years, the solution was developed based solely on the requirements and case-by-case improvements of the Globus stores, it was highly customized and improvements were resource-consuming. Besides, the system was capable of using only dedicated equipment of the same IT contractor. Any further product software and hardware development was limited.

The retailer needed a new trade automation solution which would:

  • evolve with the market and learn from the best practices of the industry leaders;

  • ensure full and adaptive compliance with the changing legislation;

  • use a single core to control all types of cash registers in the retail chain;

  • be capable of using any hardware;

  • be supported by the developer;

  • and have lower ownership costs.


With the Set products installed, Globus could automate the business processes in its stores and achieve stable and fast operation of all types of cash registers - classic, touch and self-service.

  1. Simple interface – quick adaptation
    The Globus chain has a special department for cash systems and processes; the company has the well-developed and implemented training system and coaching practices. By the time of the new system’s launch, the cashiers have already been trained on test benches and prepared to work.

    The simple and intuitive interface ensures quick staff adaptation. In the pilot store, Globus held a contest and awarded the fastest working cashiers. The change had no impact on the speed of the cash transactions, which is usually unavoidable in the period when people are learning new tools.
  2. 11 stores received new touch-sensitive cash registers
    The retailer has completely replaced the hardware solutions with more up-to-date FEC 9635CR touch-sensitive cash registers, in 8 stores partially and in 3 stores completely (in Korolev, Yaroslavl, and Ryazan). The FEC POS system can endure high loads and is designed for uninterrupted operation for up to 10 years. The device is resistant to temperature changes, water or oil drops on the display; the PCAP screen is equally sensitive to touch with or without gloves, which is especially important for restaurants and inhouse food production departments.
  3. Solution maintenance cost reduction
    The Set Ecosystem is built on free components; the solutions do not require any extra costs and have a lot of integrated advanced features at no charge.
  4. The solution can be easily updated
    In addition to prompt and timely improvements in response to the legislative changes or the individual business objectives, the CSI constantly develops the Set Solutions Ecosystem in pace with the market.
11 stores received new touch-sensitive cash registers

Unified business processes are supported by 400 self-service checkouts and self-scanning terminals

Set SCO effectively controls self-service checkouts, SCO Belt cash registers (which can operate both in self-service mode and with a cashier) and payment stations for customer checkout with Scan&Go self-scanning terminals.

Apart from the new Globus system, the CSI specialists promptly integrated the new software with existing solutions from global vendors, NCR and Re-Vision.

Set SCO effectively controls self-service cash registers
  1. Integration between internal systems and Set Retail
    The retailer uses the third-party solutions – CRM, BI, and e-store. As part of the project, the specific events and data were uploaded to the cash transaction analytics system to analyze cashiers’ operation efficiency. Set ESB integration module helped achieve stable and fast data transfer without changing the retailer’s information system.

     Set Kit service for controlling customer orders is used as an integration layer between cash registers and systems operated by the e-store employees. The service provides a capability of paying for online orders at the checkout.

     One of the project advantages is switching from the old file exchange technologies to more contemporary ones, using web-based interfaces.
  2. Development of “promotions matrix” and partial bonus write-off
    Globus uses various loyalty tools: fixed discounts on goods for all buyers (even without the store discount card) and complex discount schemes (for example, for sets of products, three-for-two offers, etc.).

    The retail chain specialists can easily create promotions both in Set Retail and in a third-party loyalty system, and then upload them to the checkout counters.  With the advent of Set Retail, it became convenient to synchronize promotions and discounts: set priorities, choose what to combine or is competing or change the timing in the “promotions matrix.”

    The buyers highly appreciated the new option allowing partial bonus write-off.
  3. Customer screens help to improve loyalty
    The new touch-sensitive cash registers with large screens for buyers provide a capability of demonstrating not only the composition of the receipt and payments, but also loyalty card data, as well as to show relevant promo offers. Such personalized approach and attractive offers consistently increase customer loyalty.
  4. Selling labelled goods via Set Mark lawfully
    Set Mark Service for the labelled goods accounting was introduced to control the turnover of alcohol and shoes. The solution makes it easier to prevent violations of the legislation leading to fines and prescriptive orders from the inspection authorities.

Project timeline

Today, CSI is still in service: software solutions, equipment of the classic checkout line and the self-service island, Scan&Go solutions, an e-store and price checkers.

We wanted to create a high-quality product that would be enjoyed. A mixed waterfall and agile approach was used in the work: the deadlines for each project stage were fixed and all changes were implemented on time due to active work. For example, the development department released the versions even before the release date, so that we had time to test them.

The testing stage was voluminous, as the client had demanding requirements for the quality of the solution. At the analytics stage, 2-day workshops were held with the client to better understand the requirements and business processes. The project showed how important the team interaction was, and we are glad that our cooperation with the Globus team turned out to be so successful.

Andrey Taktarov

Project manager, CSI

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