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Fix Price Modernization: 13,300 Cash Registers Controlled by 1 Server

The Fix Price retail chain has updated its retail and business processes in the Russian stores. The retailer has achieved sustainable operation of more than 13,300 cash registers using one central server, accelerated the customer service in the stores by 11 %, twice reduced the time for launching its promos, and, in average, now saves  290 kilometers of the receipt tape per week.

Fix Price Modernization: 13,300 Cash Registers Controlled by 1 Server


The POS software solution previously installed in the Fix Price retail outlets had worked unstably, and the update was not centralized. The sales information had been uploaded to the ERP system with many discrepancies, which took a lot of time and resources for the retailer’s IT specialists to eliminate.

Also, the POS software solution was updated and the mass revaluations were performed manually. Modest loyalty mechanics did not meet the needs of the marketing department. A lot of functions essential for the retailer were missing, and the improvements took a lot of time.

Fix Price was considering a new POS software solution:

  • with a wide range of functions and loyalty tools,

  • with clear and sustainable operation, and

  • with no servers in stores.

More than 3,000 stores and 13,000 cash registers in 74 regions


  • 13,300 cash registers controlled by 1 server
    Fix Price is a large retail chain with 2–3 checkout counters per store, and it was unprofitable for the retailer to install a server in each retail outlet. The CSI’s specialists applied a new solution – a data transport bus. It helps quickly and smoothly upload new information to cash registers, and download sales data in a chain of any scale.
  • Twice faster launching of promos
    Marketing campaigns are created in the convenient Set Retail constructor. Now their launch takes twice less time. The retailer has been able to attract more customers and increase their brand commitment.
  • Checkout line speed has accelerated by 11 %
    Thanks to the Set Retail 10’s speed and user-friendly interface, it is easier for the cashiers to perform all operations. The checkout line speed has accelerated by 11 %.
  • Improvements are 30 % faster
    Set Retail flexibly adapts to the needs of the retail chain. Customers receive the required modifications 30 % faster.
  • Saving 290 km of the receipt tape per week
    With Set Retail 10, the Fix Price retail chain has shortened the length of each receipt with the use of the loyalty card by at least 3 cm. Receipts without the use of the loyalty card are 1.5 cm shorter. Thus, in average, the retailer saves 290 km of the receipt tape per week (this is 3.5 thousand rolls of standard length).
  • Easier processing of online orders
    Previously, the online order processing was not automated, the specialists had to manually process buyers’ applications by email. With the Set Kit solution for online order management, the Fix Price specialists’ work has become easier and more convenient. The processing of orders has accelerated, and the human factor impact has been minimized.

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